Death of Print is not open to book-length manuscripts, but we will now consider short stories of any length. You can email something to Alan (that’s me) at Don’t care what kind of file as long as it’s something I can open. Google docs is easiest. As a shadetree press, Death of Print doesn’t adhere to any professional rules or best practices. Publishing a story on our website is for fun only. No clout or money will be exchanged. I have to pay for this website to have a place to sell books, so I figure I might as well use it to run some cool stories too. I’ll be publishing stories from my friends or writers I somehow know or admire, as well as randos I’ve never heard of. I will copy edit all stories before publication, and you’ll have final approval on those edits. Writers maintain all rights to their work. Gonna try to publish about one story a week, but there will be stretches where I can’t keep up. If I can’t use your story I’ll let you know with a brief and polite form response. I know people have different opinions on form rejections versus personalized rejections, but one thing everyone can agree on is no one needs personal feedback from me. There are no other guidelines other than if you list us on duotrope or any other place like that we will put a curse on you.

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